Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light Review

Spider Farmer is a budget brand that has been competing well against some of the bigger brands on the market. They are releasing some amazing grow lights that use Samsung Meanwell driver technology. With amazing features and a great price point, you might be wondering where is the catch? If you’re looking into the SF-2000 … Read more

Secret Jardin DP90 Review

Propagation is an important first step for your growing activities. This Secret Jardin DP90 review explains how this dark propagator product helps you germinate and raise seedlings for healthier plants that produce better yields. It’s perfect for a small indoor space and built to last. Read on to learn more about the product specifications, how … Read more

Black Dog LED Review – PhyoMAX-2 Series

Black Dog LED Review

Black Dog LED is a popular grow light brand available on the market. Their upgraded PhytoMAX-2 series features more efficient diodes and increased light output. If you are considering purchasing a grow light, here is a Black Dog LED review covering the entire series, with mentions of the specific models. Let’s find out if the … Read more

Viparspectra V900 Review

viparspectra v900

Looking for an affordable indoor grow light? As this Viparspectra V900 review shows, this grow light is suitable for beginners and professional growers. Viparspectra is a well-known brand that offers quality and durable proudcts, and there R900 model is energy efficient to boot. You can also expect an affordable price tag to reduce your operation … Read more

Dazzling Deals On eCommerce LEDs — What Are The Best LED Grow Lights on Amazon?

Even pro cultivators can’t resist the convenience of shopping for LED grow lights on Amazon. Sure, some of these LEDs aren’t on “PAR” with those on grower-specific sites, but there’s simply no escaping Amazon’s massive reach. Plus, if you’re already a Prime member, you may get some sweet discounts on decent LEDs.   Generally speaking, LED … Read more

California Lightworks Solar System 275 Review

california lightworks solar system 275 review

Do you want a lightweight, highly efficient grow light that can support both veg and bloom cycles for your plants? Then you’ll want to read our California Lightworks’ Solar System 275 review. The SolarSystem series is designed for commercial, indoor, greenhouse, or personal applications and comes with a SolarSystem controller to make providing your plants … Read more

California Lightworks 440 Review

solar system 440 review

When choosing a light for your plants, you want to make sure it’s the best option for your budget, growing goals, and set-up space. A versatile light that covers all stages of your plant’s cycle is also more time and cost-efficient than having to install multiple different lights. One of California Lightworks’ powerful innovations that … Read more

A Budget Light For Buds, Or Just A Dud? — Viparspectra Reflector 300W LED Grow Light Review

viparspectra 300W review

Searching for a Viparspectra Reflector 300W LED grow light review? By now, it’s safe to say LED grow lights have become the standard choice in the cannabis cultivation community. While HPS lights haven’t disappeared entirely, they can’t compete with LEDs in terms of price, energy efficiency, and ease of operation. Whether you’re a hemp hobbyist … Read more

Does ViparSpectra Outshine The Competition? ViparSpectra 1200W LED Grow Light Review

Searching for a ViparSpectra 1200W LED grow light review? Some cultivators may feel comfortable splurging on premium grow lights. However, most at-home growers would prefer to buy a brand that offers decent quality at a mid-range price. This high demand for quality and affordability is the crucial driver behind ViparSpectra’s immense success.  If you’ve been … Read more